General Information

 Important Dates

  • October 16-20, 2016 = Picture Week
  • October 29-30, 2016 = PYP/MYP Professional Development, No School for Students

Other Information

  • Sunday is Picture Day!! Please make sure they look their best!
  • Please check the calendar I sent home and attached above for P.E. classes. Please make sure that they are wearing a  P.E uniform.
  • Library will occur every Day 6.  Our second visit will  begin on  Monday, October 17th.
  • SNACK — Please send healthy snacks and lunches to school with your children.
  • Our school is NUT ALLERGY AWARE and we would appreciate it if students did not bring any foods containing nut products for the safety of all students and staff.
  • Please send an AIS sweater to school each day with your child that is clearly labeled with their name. We have central air conditioning in the classroom and some children may want to put on a sweater.


If you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday at school, please send me a request through email at least 3 days in advance so I can plan accordingly. Please also abide by the school guidelines, also found in the parent/student handbook, when bringing in party goodies for the class.



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