Weekly Newsletter (Week of October 23-October 27)


The Week in Review

Classroom visits

Last week in KG2 land was busy and fun. In addition to our regular work, we are finishing up our unit on communities. Two great moms came in to talk about their work. We learned about the fashion industry and how retailers work with clients to help them look good! We also learned a little bit about the brain as we discussed what a neuro-pharmacologist does! Thank you Shaima and Mariam for taking the time to visit our class! We loved having you!

img_20161019_141004                img_20161019_080351

If other moms or dads would like to visit us and tell us about what you do, there is still time. Just send me a quick email and let me know a day that is good for you.

It’s a Birthday!

We finished the week with a celebration of Jad’s birthday. Happy Birthday Jad!

img_20161020_140034               img_20161020_140104              img_20161020_140238

Remember birthday celebrations with cupcakes are always welcome. The school rule is to have them at the end of the day at 2:00. Let me know at least a day in advance.


What We Are Learning This Week…

Unit of Inquiry: Who We Are

We will finish up our topic on community this week. We have been learning about our classroom community and our responsibilities in our community. We have been working as a community as together we made a representation of a quilt and created our own map of a community. This week I will assess their knowledge of communities, roles within communities and connections between members of communities.

As soon as assessments are complete we will begin our next Unit of Inquiry which is ‘How the World Works.’ In this unit we will discuss living and non-living things, classification of living things, and natural resources. We will discuss questions such as:

What are living things?

What makes something living?

What do living things need to survive?

Why do living things depend on natural resources? (food, water, air, sun, soil)


We will develop our research skills by observing, formulating questions, planning experiments and collecting data. Many of these skills will be practiced through our very own miniature, classroom garden. As we work through the unit, it would be great if your child could bring in a plant to decorate our classroom.

Inquiry into Literacy


  • Exploring letters Pp, and Cc and their sounds
  • Creating 2 letter sight words (no, go, do, so). Remember sight words only need to be read.
  • Letter recognition: Learning the Upper and Lower case letters of the alphabet by playing different alphabet games.
  • Literature Study: Growing Vegetable Soup, The Reason for a Flower, The Greedy Triangle
  • Furthermore, here are some great Ipad applications for reading and phonemic awareness:
    • Starfall
    • Teach Me – Kindergarten
    • Read Me – Stories
    • MeeGenius
    • Reader (with a picture of a monster)
    • Hooked on Phonics


  • We are inquiring into the basic formation of letters. We’re working on writing our names, the alphabet and writing left to right. We are also working on details when we speak, draw, and color.
  • Writing: Students have begun their Writers Workshop.  They have focused on “What good writers do….”
    • Think
    • Draw
    • Add Details
    • Write Words (Label)
    • Add Color


What You Can Do to Help Your Child

    • Encourage writing, all forms of it! Writing can look like letters all over the page, drawing, or words. Regardless of what form encourage them to continue writing. We’re focusing on building confidence with printing and letter sounds.
    • Have your child practice writing their name with play dough, in sand, or with letter tiles.
    • Encourage the students to speak in full sentences when they are at home.
    • Read with your child for about ten minutes each night.
    • Practice sight words with your child. Remember they only need to read them. So far we have practiced the following words: we, at, is, the, it, to, I, am, a, play, an, in, go. Have fun with them by playing word games.
    • Talking about types of books, responding to questions about authors and illustrators.

Inquiry into Math

  • We will discuss and explore numbers 0-30. We will focus on Numbers 11-12 this week.
  • Practice counting objects up to 20.
  • Inquire into 2D Shapes (square, circle, rectangle, triangle, hexagon, octagon).
  • Inquire into the attributes of shapes such as the number of sides or the number of vertices.
  • Many of the skills are learned and practiced by playing various number and shape exploration games.


 What You Can Do to Help Your Child

Practice counting with your child at home. For example, have them help count money, different foods or snacks in the kitchen or items you are buying at the grocery store. Make sure that they point to each object when they are counting.

Help them keep track while counting. They can either touch each item or move it to another pile. Ask them ways to keep track while counting!

Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. Thank you all for following our blog! 


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