At-Home Project

Hello KG2 Parents!

We have been learning about how our Earth is healthy and unhealthy in our unit, Sharing the Planet. I am asking your child to create a “Healthy Environment for an Endangered Animal” in a shoe box. Research an endangered animal and create a healthy environment for the animal. Please assist your child in his/her creation, but try to let your child do most of the thinking and creative design. This is a great opportunity for some awesome bonding time.

Here are some environments that we have been learning about:

1)     Deserts

2)     Lakes and Rivers

3)     Oceans and Beaches

4)     Mountains

5)     Forests (rainforests and other forests)

Here are some endangered animals we have talked about:


  1. Polar bear
  2. Lemur
  3. Koala
  4. Tasmania Devil
  5. Asian Elephant
  6. African Elephant
  7. Cockatoo
  8. Bald Eagle
  9. African Rock Python
  10. Boa Constrictor
  11. Bison
  12. Yak
  13. Brown Pelican
  14. Dugong
  15. Gazelle
  16. Grizzly Bear
  17. Killer Whale
  18. Cheetah
  19. Jaguar
  20. Leopard
  21. Manatee
  22. Chimpanzee
  23. Sloth
  24. Panda
  25. Sea Turtle


Please research one of these animals and their habitat.

1)     Create the healthy environment for the endangered species in a recycled shoe box.

2)     Include plants that are found there.

3)     Label the animal.

Examples: Please look at these photos for reference, but refrain from copying these exact designs. Make it your own.

We will be setting up a museum in our classroom for viewing our Healthy Environment projects. Thank you for your support and for encouraging your child to love our world.

Thank you from Ms. Kristina and Ms. Nourhan

Homework Projects are due on Sunday, February 12 2017.


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