Important Dates

  • October 3rd, 2016 = Clubs Start Today
  • October 5th, 2016 = World Teacher Day 🙂
  • October 6th, 2016 = Kidzania Field Trip: *8am – 1:30pm* (If you feel you do not want your child to participate, please note that there will be no school for them this day)

Other Information

  • After school Clubs Start TODAY!!!!!!!!
  • Please check the calendar I sent home and attached above for P.E. classes. This is a class that the students will be moving around in. Please make sure that they are wearing a  P.E uniform.
  • Library will begin this week. It will occur every Day 1.  Our second visit will  begin on  Monday, October 10th as we missed our visit due to the observance of the Islamic New Year on October 2nd.
  • SNACK — Please send healthy snacks and lunches to school with your children.

Chocolate, candy and cookies are not brain foods so they will not be welcome in KG2.

  • Our school is NUT ALLERGY AWARE and we would appreciate it if students did not bring any foods containing nut products for the safety of all students and staff.
  • Please send an AIS sweater to school each day with your child that is clearly labeled with their name. We have central air conditioning in the classroom and some children may want to put on a sweater.


If you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday at school, please send me a request through email at least 3 days in advance so I can plan accordingly. Please also abide by the school guidelines, also found in the parent/student handbook, when bringing in party goodies for the class.


What We Are Learning This Week…

Unit of Inquiry: Who We Are

We will begin our unit by talking about what a community is. You may discuss this with your child at home to see what they think and know about communities.  We have been learning about our classroom community and our responsibilities in our community. We have discussed our favorite colors, favorite numbers, favorite animal, our family, and  much  more. This week we will explore the school community and discuss our family communities and the roles each person plays. We are focusing on Teamwork, Balance, Communication, and Cooperation.

Also, we will continue our study of communities by taking a trip to KIDZANIA!  The students will get to explore how people and places in a community are connected to each other by participating in various activities throughout the day.  The students will get to summarize their favorite community member and discuss the different responsibilities of each one.

Inquiry into Literacy


  • Exploring letters Ii, and Nn and their sounds
  • Creating 2 letter sight words (it, is, in, at, as, an)
  • Letter recognition: Help your child learn all the Upper and Lower case letters of the alphabet by playing different alphabet games.  There are plenty on
  • Furthermore, Here are some great Ipad applications for reading and phonemic awareness:
    • Starfall
    • Teach Me – Kindergarten
    • Read Me – Stories
    • MeeGenius
    • Reader (with a picture of a monster)
    • Hooked on Phonic


  • We are inquiring into the basic formation of letters.We’re working on writing our names, the alphabet and writing left to right. We are also working on details when we speak, draw, and color.
  • Writing: Students have began their Writers Workshop.  They have focused on “What good writers do….”
    • Think
    • Draw
    • Add Details
    • Add Color
    • Write Words (Label)


What You Can Do to Help Your Child

    • Encourage writing, all forms of it! Writing can look like letters all over the page, drawing, or words! Regardless of what form encourage them to continue writing! We’re focusing on building confidence with printing and letter sounds.
    • Have your child practice writing their name with playdough, in sand, or with letter tiles.
    • Encourage the students to speak in full sentences when they are at home.
    • Talking about types of books, responding to questions about authors and illustrators

Inquiry into Math

  • We will discuss and explore numbers 0-20. We will focus on Numbers 11-12 this week.
  • Practice counting objects up to 10 in scatter, line, and array formation.
  • Inquire into sorting, looking at attributes
  • Inquire into 2D Shapes (Square, Circle, Rectangle, Triangle, Hexagon, Octogan)

 What You Can Do to Help Your Child

Practice counting with your child at home. For example, have them help count money, different foods or snacks in the kitchen or items you are buying at the grocery store. Make sure that they point to each object when they are counting.

Help them keep track while counting. They can either touch each item or move it to another pile. Ask them ways to keep track while counting!

Thank you all for following the blog!